What to do if the teeth grind

Teething is a common problem. Many people suffer from this problem.

— When tooth enamel is eroded
— When cavities or holes are formed in the teeth
— If the filling is old for many days
— When the root or base of the tooth is exposed due to gum decay
— If the tooth is injured.

What to do to stop tooth decay-
— Visit a dentist and treat according to the cause of the tingling

to accept
— Brush teeth properly twice a day
— Using a soft-bristled toothbrush
— Using fluoride-containing, de-sensitizing toothpaste
— Avoid taking soft drinks, alcohol, etc.

Many people don’t brush the part of the teeth that is tingled. But it can cause problems to escalate. Therefore, brushing your teeth regularly can save you from many dental problems.

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